The Silver Chalice

Armies attack Betharbel

The Gaki’s sword that he got from the shadow is eeking dark, shadowy, miasma. Brogan Lonehammer Allen calls him on how it is oozing Morigar’s power. The dwarf reminded him that the Silver Chalice was being used by the cult to Resurrect him because it contained his power. This sword contains his power and we’re going to deliver it to his cult members in the Library….

Muad’dib was deep in his misery, but then he learned that a dwarf was working with Harken Gottlieb from Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm). Later Frederick Jager tells his brother Alister Jager that he got his powers from a dwarf named Scott Wilson MacEwan at Harken’s castle. He put an alchemical tattoo on his shoulder, which gave him his dark powers.

The group has a week to rest and relax, with access to certain parts of the city, the library, the temple, and the alchemy college. Muad’dib spends his time building his automated backpack of holding.

The Drow spend the time researching the Sigil and found that it is traditionally the symbol of Morigar himself. When he was king it was on his flag, and he wore the sigil everywhere. It was powerful, but not overly powerful. Over time the sigil has been lost to the modern world, mostly forgotten. It has been 816 years since he was sealed away.

Over the week, Brogan has tried taking the blade from Gaki while he was sleeping, but it would turn to smoke and he would be unable to touch it. Brogan then spent time catching up with family and friends and setting up policies and procedures and even though the counsel wants him to stay and lead the city as their prophet, in his heart he knows that he has to go in person to fight the Cult of Mortar…

On seventh day, Brogan is in the temple in prayer and meditation, when suddenly he gets the impression that everyone, and all of the armies need to get outside the city walls RIGHT NOW! outside the clouds are hanging very low. We know that the Holy Baltian Army is coming from the East, but we don’t know from where in the mountains. Despite the fact that it’s summer, it is very chilly and clammy outside. it’s almost like a wizard is casting some kind of spell.

We can hear a deep-seated whine and a strange whirring sound. Out of the clouds drops three airships. The larger one has a tesla coil which shoots a huge bolt of electricity which destroys nearby buildings. Ropes attached to harpoons stick into the ground and dragonborn slide down them into the city. Chief Scholar James Martin runs up during the ensuing chaos and tells the group that he has a device that might help. He leads them to a wooden contraption with bicycle pedals, wings, and 6 seats. Luckily Lei-hai can fly on her broom, while Daiyu Xifeng (Black Jade Flourishing Phoenix) turns into a murder of crows and flies on her own power as well. The scholar then tells them that he has a wee slingshot, but t’is never been tested yet. Brogan mentions that they might die anyway. Gaki gets airsick and vomits all over Brogan… As fireballs, ice shards, and lightning bolts are flashing by everyone, Muad-dib is very cognizant of the tesla coils because of his metal arms. As the tesla coil is pulling back up into the ship, the group aims for bay it’s in. They crash inside the ship’s bay. As they pick themselves up out of the debris, a bunch of vampire minions flood into the ship’s bay and close in to attack until Gaki hollars at them to stop. When he says that this is weird, they all turn their heads to the side like dogs, all at the same time. He tells them to kill his enemies, so they kill each other.

With a sinking feeling, the group looks down and realizes that they’re standing on the bay doors, as they’re starting to open. They get off the doors and begin to wonder how to destroy this ship and the other two. Suddenly Gaki feels sick, like something outside is attacking him and Brogan begins to feel sick and hear a hornet’s nest in his head. In his head Gaki keeps hearing “toeten sie” repeated over and over in his head. Muad’dib slings Gaki over his back and drags him along. As the group is running through the ship, they notice that Luisa heads the other direction, like he knows where they’re heading. Even Xifeng seems to sense something that she’s following. Under her breath she mutters something about an elemental. Outside the room, the group hears the voices of Grandmaster Ordulf Gils, Harken Gottlieb who no longer looks like he did before, the first two look like elves, with ashen skin and blazing sunken eyes with a wrong aura coming off of them), and Scott Wilson MacEwan. As the group approaches the room, their conversation breaks off and the group notices that Ordulf wears a cloak held together by the Sigil of Morigar. Harken disappears in a swarm of flies, and Ordulf in a group of bats, leaving Scott to deal with them. Scott asks Muad’dib if he’d like to know why his parents had to die?

Luisa has gone off on her own and found a room with a cage. In the cage is a storm elemental, which doesn’t seem as evil as usual, it just seems drained and beaten down. Luisa walks over and picks up a magic wand that was keeping the magic circle in place, which frees the elemental and it dissipates, nodding its thanks to her. Before she turns around, she feels hands wrapping around her throat and notices Gaufrid Nordberg behind her strangling her. He then drags her next to the window and begins beating her head against the window until it breaks. Luisa struggles and drags him out the window with her, with only a shred of cloth on the broken window to show her passing.

Scott strips off his shirt and he has a alchemical tattoo, which is more complete than Frederick ever was. He smears blood across the tattoo and transforms into a huge form that is bigger and more powerful than Friederick ever was. The battle music begins as dragonborn run into the room. He starts off by lighting himself on fire and then charging through the group. The group pounds on him until Brogan open up another can of critical Cascade of Light. Gaki then teleports Muad’dib up in the air to drop him down on his homicidal uncle. Together they smash attack Scott together. Scott was dying, until he latched onto Alistair, sucking blood and healing himself. Lei-hai’s magic drove Scott berserk and he charged through the group, taking opportunity attacks which ripped him up along the way. He tried to grab Xifeng, but she teleported out of his grasp and he fell on his face. She then turned around blasts him with ice. During the whole battle Gaki kept hearing voices in his head telling him to kill everyone around him. Brogan stayed near him to keep him in check. Suddenly, the group realizes that Brogan’s first critical attack had not only pierced scott, but it had pierced the dirigible as well and the ship was now free-falling. Gaki and Muad’dib beat the last of the life out of Scott, but knock him out the window. Muad’dib jumps out after him to make sure that he truly dies. Xifeng turns into crows, Lei-hai jumps on her broom and grabs Brogan, Gaki grabs Alistair and shadowsteps off the crashing ship.

As Muad’dib is falling, he’s further torturing Scott and demanding to know why he’d killed his parents. Scott laughs that he used their deaths to empower himself into the creature they’ve been fighting. The artificer snaps his neck and is saved by Xifeng’s dimension door. Betharbel is in tatters. Lauren Minett stumbles up to the group to tell them that the Pope has declared the Holy Baltian Kingdom’s attack was unholy, so now there is a civil war within the Baltian Kingdom. She also tells them that the Drow Oracle has been kidnapped to be taken to the Chalice to be used as a sacrifice which pisses off the twins. They find Luisa’s ripped clothing and her tracking/communication stone on the ground. They find pieces of Gaufrid Nordberg scattered all over the mountain, but no sign of Luisa. Brogan remembers that Luisa had spoken of her master working with Elementals, and Xifeng tells everyone that she had felt an Elemental on the ship…. Xifeng realizes that they’ve been around Luisa long enough and Muad’dib has worked on her magical items enough to recognize them, so they track her magic and feel her far to the East.



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