The Silver Chalice

Into Kadesh

Date: 03/27/816


Clasp of Noble Sacrifice Allister Dwarven Mines
Cord of divine Favor Brogan Dwarven Mines
Shielding Girdle Lei-Hai Dwarven Mines
Bracers of Infinite Blades Gaki Dwarven Mines
Dust of appearance Luisa Dwarven Mines
Fireflower Pendant Xifeng Dwarven Mines
Apron of Resistance Mua’dib Dwarven Mines

While travelling it is explained that Prince Sardar is actually Princess Leila capable in fire, sand, and radiant magic. It’s been about a week that they travel through the desert, avoiding patrols and pitfalls thanks to our guide. Shahin is mostly silent, except about the safety of Princess Leila. Daiyu Xifeng (Black Jade Flourishing Phoenix) has been waking up in the morning with bruising and pain about the neck and chest. She speaks about it to Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm), but they put it down to bugs in the night, since they’re in unfamiliar territory. The only way to Aragon is through the mountain pass that passes from Kadesh.

They reach the Dwarven city of Kadesh, but there is smoke coming from the city, as well as the The Ardwolf armies camped around the west and south side, mountains lie on the north and east side. Kadesh is surrounded by a tall wall, it’s a very militaristic city. The city was built atop gem mines, and started as mines and barracks, then grew into the city that it is. The mines below are extensive, so it’s the group’s hope that the army hasn’t found them all. Brogan Lonehammer Allen and Muad’dib have been here before, so they know a bit more than the rest about the area. They realize that the cart won’t fit through the mine, and they have the guard still in tow. Part of the group wants to kill the guard, but the other half don’t. While they’re arguing, Brogan uses his healing knowledge to hit him upside the head just right, giving him amnesia. When he comes to, The Gaki tries to reason with him, but it didn’t make sense that slaves were talking, so Lei-Hai uses her power of suggestion to convince the guard that his commanding officer had asked him to do something against his morals, but we’d come along to help him. He believes her.

Luisa uses her nature knowledge to hide the cart well. Alister Jager uses his knowledge of the Ardwulf military to help them avoid patrols. The group sends Princess Leila, Lei-hai and Luisa to the north to see if the known mine entrance is guarded. Gaki and Xifeng go south, sneaking between the guard camps to check out the better guarded mine entrance, but there is no easy way that way. The previous three found an unguarded mine, and as Luisa turns to have Lei-hai contact her sister through their sending stones, they find that Lei-hai has suddenly disappeared, even her tracks have disappeared. Luisa had the unhappiness of reporting that her sister has disappeared. Brogan and Allister pray to Jehovah and are told that she’s not in friendly hands… Xifeng reaches out to Chang-E, but she’s so distraught that she can’t reach her god. The group heads north to the mine entrance, but there are no signs of anything other than a residue of a teleportation circle being used to abscond with her. Mua’dib senses his charm that he’d made her and it’s coming from the east. At the same time, Xifeng has a feeling of peace from Chang-E that they need to head into the mines.

Brogan takes the lead, using signs to find refugees in the mines.
Gaki scouting ahead in the mines, then found an exit into the city, and began scouting there in the ruins of the buildings.
Xifeng cooks cabbage soup for the starving dwarves.
Luisa organizes group into worst to best injuries.
Brogan and Allister were laying on of hands.
Mua’dib is making alchemical potions to help people, and making prosthetics for those who have lost limbs that can’t be healed.

While helping the refugees they learn that the followers of Jehovah are especially persecuted, beaten, and driven as cattle. Grandmaster Ordulf Gils is the worst. While in the city, Gaki sees that most of the dwarven captives are being corralled in the temple of Jehovah, and with a sense of foreboding, he races back to the rest of the group. As thanks for their help, the dwarves pay the group in a few magical items that were hidden in the mines. Allister recognizes Grandmaster Gils and knows that he is an evil sadist.

With a plan, Allister leads Brogan and Mua’dib into the square in front of the temple of Jehovah disguised as more dwarven slaves, while Xifeng, Luisa, and Gaki stealthily circle around the square, finding high vantage points from which to snipe. As they approach, Brogan sees that the guards are beating a dwarf female, which turns out to be his sister, Maisie Douglas MacNair. Grandmaster Gils is a dragonborn who is demanding to know where the armies of Betharbel are hidden, but she won’t tell him. He then tells her that they’re going to put her covenant people into the temple and burn them, so her resistance means nothing. He admits that they are launching an assualt on Betharbel from the mountain passes in the east. He then tells the guards to put her in with the others and then leaves. Something about Ordulf feels off, almost like a sickening feeling, like the chalice. Gaki thinks that something feels familiar about him, but it also makes his head hurt.

Brogan is barely able to contain his anger, and he growls at Allister to get them closer, NOW! Brogan calls down divine fury and hits the Gaufrid Nordberg, who is leading his sister into the temple, while setting up a divine zone around them. He then yells at her in dwarven to attack hard. At the same time, he throws Mua’dib his weapons and the attack is on. During the attack, a guard drags Maise into the temple. As the battle progresses, Gaufrid sneaks off after being hit so hard by Brogan. During the battle, Brogan senses a dark force in Gaki’s head. As the attack continues, the group begins to smell smoke from inside the temple. While the girls throw down cover fire, Gaki sneaks down off the roof where he was, and runs up to the door of the temple and throws them open. Therein, Maise was stabbing the guard who had drug her inside, to death. Gaki mentals for Brogan to throw his Pouch of Holding to him, and he then pulls leftover weapons from inside and gives them to the dwarves who are running out of the temple. Luisa runs back to the mines to bring up the dwarves from below to help take back the city.

As soon as Maise can make her way over to her brother, they butt heads in warm embrace and then she tells him that the troops in Betharbel aren’t expecting the Ardwulve’s to attack from the east, that they need to warn the city. Brogan is torn because it’s been 100 years since he left that city on the heels of his Æld’s prophecy, that he would have to return to save the city from complete destruction. The rallied dwarves turn the tide of battle and the Ardwulv’s tactically retreat.

Praying to Jehovah, Brogan feels that going to Aragon can wait, saving the lives in Betharbel is a more pressing matter! Xifeng wants to head east after her sister, but a voice in her head tells her that if she wants to save her sister, she need towards Betharbel. She recognizes the voice in her head as that of Frederick Jager, Allister’s brother. She then states that if the Wulfite church is involved, then the Song Dynasty will join the war.

Once they finally get a chance to talk after the battle, Brogan finds time to speak with his sister alone to catch up with her and learn news about his family.

Brogan: “Sweet Maise, how have ye been, me darlin’? What have ye become these last 100 years?”
Maise: “Mostly jes’ working. I became head of the local garrison. My husband is a mining lead. This is mah son Aiden.”

Aiden: “Lo uncle Brogan”

Brogan: “Oh! Tis nice to meet ye Aiden, I dinna know t’was an uncle! I seen the family resemblance, but we always were a prolific family. How’s Ma and Da? Is he still the head of the merchant’s guild? What about our other siblings, how are they gettin’ on?”

Maise: “They’re doin’ well. Although da is retired. He’s handed it over to Thorfin. And he’s teachin’ his son McCullough how to run it now. Ma is mostly jes’ happy to see Da more often. Aileas has taken up jewel craftin’ and Darrak is head of the garrison back in Betharbel. They all live there. Only we live out here”

Brogan: “Aye, tis good ta know alla this afore I be going to Betharbel…. D’ya have any advice for meh afore I take my group out there? Have there been many changes ta the city?”

Maise: “The city was really nervous after the invasion of Kadesh. They may not be entirely acceptin’ of your Baltian frien’ there. The city hasn’t changed much other than getting bigger. Oh an’ the industry is stronger than i’ twas. but the roads are full of clashing forces of Baltian armies and Hebronite guerillas. Be careful Brogan”

Brogan: “I canna tell ye how good it ha’ been to finally see ye after all these years!” Wipes away a few tears. “I love ye so much! And now tis time to go an’ fulfill me prophecy!”

Maise headbutts his forehead. “You always were a crybaby.” Tears glisten in her eyes. “The family will be so happy to see you.”



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