Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm)

Blessed Witch of Chang'E, Moon Goddess. Twin sister of Xifeng. Quiet, contemplative, easily distracted by shiny things.


Lei-Hai was born at the stroke of midnight of winter solstice, at the break of a full moon. Her twin Xifeng was born only minute before, on the last night of fall, which makes Lei-Hai the younger twin. Her skin is an iridescent blue, reflecting tones of soft purples & white. This marks her as the Blessed Witch of Chang’E, Moon Goddess to the Song dynasty. She bears the powers of the moon for her generation.

Because of her culture, as well as her responsibilities as Chosen One, she is more pensive and reserved than her twin. She is focused on connecting to her divine powers, to protect her people and fulfill her legacy. She does, however, deeply love and confide in her twin. Though uncouth as Chosen One, she keeps no secrets from Xifeng regarding her role & her powers. She believes the Moon Goddess condones it. She seeks the favor of no one but her sister. And, of course, Chang’E.

Lei-Hai loves humanity, but is fairly indifferent to the individual. Her bond with her sister and family ties at the monastery are enough to satisfy her needs. She is still obliged to help others, even at her own expense. She will quickly & thoughtlessly put her safety & comfort last over the needs of someone else, which can be troublesome task for Xifeng, seeing as she is sworn to protect Lei-Hai as her bodyguard. She is quirky & almost feline in personality. She is very easily lost in thought, and just as easily distracted. No matter the importance of the conversation, she will stop – even mid sentence – should something shiny appear, and very quietly, but obviously, point it out for Xifeng to find.

Xifeng is also a chosen one, in her own way – Chang’E hand-picked her to protect Lei-Hai, and to that, Lei -Hai is not surprised; she trusts both Chang’E’s will & Xifeng’s strength. Where her twin is very knowledgeable in Tai Chi & jian, Lei-Hai has only a basic training of it, used solely to clear her mind & hone her magic skills. Her staff is a means of communication with Chang’E, and it whispers the goddess’ will to her from time to time. She has the ability to speak directly with Chang’E by entering the reflection of a full moon in any pool of water, with staff in hand; she has never had the need yet to do so.

Lei-Hai prefers more simple appearance than her twin, choosing to wear only two adornments. Pinned to her head, a silver hairpin, embedded with a crescent shaped opal. It is passed down from each witch before her. It is believed to carry the luck & honor Chang’E bestows on her Chosen One. Dangling down her neck into the folds of her bodice, she wears a rectangle black jade pendant on a leather chain – a gift from Xifeng on her 50th birthday. Carved in the face is the polished silhouette of a thin cat, with pointed ears and a long, flicking tail; the rest of the pendant is matte. As a show of approval of the twins’ pure bond, Chang’E blessed the pendant to carry her familiar, a elusive black cat with jade eyes.

The twins were approached by the Imperial Princess Oracle Song Meng. Princess Meng’s visions had her filled with worry and concern, and so she commanded Lei-Hai to take journey to Sedarg, with her beloved guardian at her side. She does not doubt the severity of Meng’s vision; surely Chang’E willed this to be so. Lei-Hai has faith in her connection with her Lunar Mother, but she has never before used her powers in any setting other than her training. She does not feel prepared, in her age of 70 years, but she knows that Chang’E will provide her the way, as she has called her to this mission now.

Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm)

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