I was born into slavery and was separated from my family when I was only a was three years old, I do not remember really anything about them.
The Master that bought me was very kind and gentle. Her name was Sieglinde. While she made me work, she was not hard on me the way I saw other slave owners be to their slaves.
She educated me and taught me how to be a seeker.For many years we would go from town to town hunting witches that summoned wind spirits. We had particular trouble with coven Himmel Engeln. We would sometimes stay in the woods
when we were between towns so I would have to gather wood and set up camp. But I never had to do it alone. My master and I would take turns each night with each of the chores as well.
She was a very good hearted person.

I was not my master’s only student. She taught others and there was one, who sought a little too much power.My master could see that he was trying to use what she taught him,
to do some very bad things.So she told him that she would teach him no longer. He was enraged by this and stormed away. Somehow I knew it would not be the last time we saw him.
Then when i was 27, while my master and I were asleep, we were ambushed. He came back with help and murdered my master. So according to law of the land, since he killed my master
he gained all of her possesions, which included me. So after 24 years I had a new master.

He was the complete opposite to my orginal master. He was cruel, self-centered, and all in all just a really bad guy. I did everything from hunting, to cleaning, to gathering wood and
water, and cleaning his clothes.If I didn’t do it fast enough or to his impossible standards I did not get to eat. There were times that he woud not feed me for days so after he went to sleep
I would have to go hunting again just to find some small animal that I could eat and dispose of without him knowing. I no longer had a bed or any type of shelter. I slept on the ground outside
of his home no matter what the weather was like. If I got sick he somehow expected me to do even more chores than normal.

His wife died during childbirth and he only has one child, a son who is in present time 25. He acted just as cruel if not more so than his father. He would do things like hide
their belongings to say I stole them so that I could be punished until he was satified enough and would tell his father that he just misplaced it and found it somewhere. His father had aspirations for him within the religious regime. He raised him to be a devout member of the Church of Wulf. To strive with ambition for a high ranking office. They both despised the man who was the current archbishop. and were biding time to usurp his power. they wanted nothing more than power. They craved it. And they would do anything to get it.

I could not handle how my new master treated me or the things he made me do. So I decided after two years of his torture it was time to escape to freedom. Secretly over the next few days I would stash a few supplies near my hunting grounds because I knew he would never find them there.
I also made sure that it was just enough to get me by but not enough that he would notice or that it would slow me down. The night had come. While I was out hunting for his supper, I also
picked a few herbs that would help the household sleep a little longer than normal just to give me a bit more of a start. So just before serving the meal I also let him know that I would be going into town the next day to pick up his weapons that he sent off to get sharpened for him so that he would not notice my disappearance for
some time. I fed them and waited for them to finish, cleaned up, and waited for them all to go to sleep. The second they were all out I ran.

I grabbed my supplies and just kept going. I stayed in the woods and off the roads to cover my tracks. I did not look back. During the days I moved a little slower to make sure
I was hidden and only stopped when I could not go any further. I would rest for maybe an hour at a time just to get some water and a small snack when I needed more energy, but it was never
for long. I was four days into my escape when I just could not keep going but I knew if I got caught I would never see another day. It was night on my fourth day when my body started to give
out on me. I was weak and did not think I could keep going when I saw a small campfire up ahead. I approached it cautiously not knowing if it was a group of people who were hostile, but when
I got close enough to see them I could tell they were not slave hunters and that they were not from my land. There were two dwarves, a human, and a shade. Wearily I approached them and begged for help. There was a dwarf who took pity on
my and agreed to help while the shade just didn’t seem to even care about my existence and would rather just leave me there. I explained to the dwarf whose name was Brogan Lonehammer Allen, and a that i needed help escaping my slave master who was hunting me. he agreed to help me across the border. So I decided with their permission to stay with them and assist them for awhile as a thanks for their help. But I know that I am still not safe and I have to be
careful everywhere I go. I’m still shy around the group and do not talk much with the group. I trust Brogan, but the others make me wary


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