The Gaki

A selfish, impulsive rogue. Servant only to himself



Max HP: 73
AC: 22
FORT: 16
REF: 22
Heal Surge: 5
Surge Val: 18
Initiative: 12
Speed: 6
Pass Ins: 20
Pass Perc: 20
STR: 12
CON: 11
DEX: 21
INT: 17
WIS: 11
CHA: 17

Weapons/ Gear

Footpad’s Friend Short Sword

Hand Crossbow:
Tattoo of the Escape Artist:
The Flying AHHHH (Flying Hook)
Bag of Holding
Endless Quiver
Shadowdancer’s Gloves
Charlatan’s Kit
Unfettering Thieves’ Tool


Early Life

The Gaki is a thief who was “raised” an orphan. Being a shade he was an outcast. Reactions to his race often ranged from being uncomfortable to hostile. Since no one wanted to take in this reject child, he had to raise himself. He turned to stealing to survive. Left alone at a young age he was never taught the manners of high level society. He did learn how to con them however. Over time, practice, many beatings, and experiences, he became a master of theft and sleight of hand. While he would smooth talk you, he would misdirect with one hand and clean out your pockets with the other. He soon learned that while stealing food gets you by day by day, stealing gold and valuables will get you further. At 22 (11 in human years) he gathered the other dejected wretches in his small home town of Esse and built a group of thieves. They would steal for other gangs and groups for compensation of gold, or food. They also stole for themselves. One day they found themselves in a warehouse stealing from the East Song Trading Company, whom they had been stealing from for weeks. They were ambushed by guards. Gaki was the only one to escape. He realized one of them must have mentioned it too loudly somewhere and it got back to the company. They had set a trap it would seem. He decided right then and there that he was never going to rely on others to get the job done; they only got in the way. Plus it was easier for one to hide than many. He could pick up less loot with only a pair of hands; but alone the gold would stretch much further than before so he was fine with that. As soon as he could pick up a bag of holding he could carry much more. He continued to steal and has an eye for magic items and usually spends his gold on luxury magic items which while practical kept his pockets empty. He had a master set of thieves’ equipment he was looking to obtain to one day find the perfect score. The richest areas and royalty of each country to amass such wealth that he would never have to work again.


Alas it would not be. As he arrived in his 34th (comparable to in 17 human years) year he found himself in Beschtengart, he spied a dwarf whom he judged to be an easy target. That dwarf looked like a foreigner. Some sort of tourist probably. Tourists were easy targets. Wowed by the flashes and distractions of the unknown city one could usually slip in and take all their possessions and slip out without them even noticing. He sized up his target and moved in for the prize. The dwarf was looking into some boots; expensive ones by the look of it. as he reached for the dwarf’s belt and started to take his gold the dwarf’s mighty hand snagged Gaki’s with lightning speed of one who knew all too well how to deal with thieves. This was a bad place to be. That war hammer looked dangerous. He needed out. He tried to dazzle the dwarf with some smoke to distract and take off but the dwarf’s muscles didn’t budge a centimeter. Just stood there and held him squarely in place with a look that pierced Gaki’s soul, uncomfortably so. Dagger in hand, the Gaki readied himself to fight but paled as the war hammer appeared in his face. Gaki did NOT want to lose his arm. Or any other body part for that matter. That hammer looked ready to crush his bones to dust. For all that muscle, despite being small, the dwarf may has well have been a giant. Albeit smarter than most giants were legend to be. Gaki relaxed realized the inevitable. Just as he thought he would be reported to the authorities (or worse beaten in a back alley to near death. that had happened more than once.) the Dwarf told him that he could keep what was inside the bag, if he really wanted it…. Curious, the Gaki opened the bag to find that it was only full of gaming bones. Embarrassed and thoroughly beaten at his own game of deception, and Gaki sighed and returned the bag. The dwarf introduced himself. His name was Brogan Lonehammer Allen. He invited the shade to lunch at one of the nearby vendors. They bought lamb skewers and some other odds and ends to fill them up, while talking and getting to know each other better. This old dwarf seemed oddly intrigued by Gaki. This was a new experience for him. He’d always been treated as something weird or twisted. The aversion usually suited him just fine. People tended to ignore or avoid the things they found different or distasteful. To the point of even making it not exist. He used that to his advantage. And, while he found it hard not to enjoy the time spent with Brogan, his scrutiny was unnerving to him. After eating, he gave the Gaki two gold coins and made him promise to stay out of trouble. Not that he would bother, his whole life was trouble.

A few weeks later, the Gaki had heard some tell of a rare magical cup beneath the cathedral. Through some searching he found out the entrance was in and old dilapidated building. It he found some crates in the corner of the building. And there was the trapdoor he’d heard rumors of. Down he ventured into the darkness, his dark vision aiding him as he softly stepped through the corridor. The corridor branched off in multiple directions, and he could hear people talking down some of the corridors. However he felt a strong pull to continue going forward. Perhaps his obsession to magical loot had given him the ability to locate it when it was nearby. Finally at the end he found a room that looked somewhat religious. Dark symbols had been scrawled on the walls. Black drapes encircled the room and seemed to drink in the light from the dark torches, burning a strange purple color. The whole room seemed emanated darkness. But that’s how he liked things anyways. He felt right at home. In the center of the room there was an altar. A silver chalice sat on top of the altar, covered in pictures of a horned man with cloven feet doing evil things to innocent people. It looked expensive. That chalice could set him up for even a couple of months! The Gaki swiped the chalice from the altar and suddenly the air rang out with heart wrenching screeching, wailing, and his senses were overwhelmed and overloaded. The alarm had been triggered, He couldn’t move. He saw blurry images and heard unintelligible voices and then he began to scream as well. He fell in and out of consciousness. Until his voice went silent and he felt nothing but pain. So hot in his eyes and ears and brain that it his vision was blurred and tears poured from his eyes. His skin felt like fire. The air around became an icy cold burn. He felt something inside trying to take control. He could not let that happen. It was all he could do to keep it at bay.

Suddenly, the pain started to recede. And gradually over the course of what seemed like eternity, he felt soft warmth creeping up from his palm slowly spreading through his body.
At an instant it all halted. The chalice fell from his hands. His palm was cut. Had his hand been injured by the chalice? No. Gaki realized he had been dropped to the floor and saw a familiar looking face of a dwarf. How did he get here? He realized that he felt naked. He felt some sort of consciousness in his thoughts. He realized he could feel everything that the consciousness felt. Emotionally and physically. The Consciousness felt drained and exhausted. And then it felt panicked. Gradually the Gaki blacked out. The Gaki woke with Brogan nursing him back to health. He owed this man. Not something he liked. But it seemed that Brogan wasn’t concerned with debts, and more concerned with his well being. Physical and spiritual. Should’ve expected this from a cleric. Brogan seemed bent on finding this cult and stopping it from bringing back their demon god. The exact opposite what Gaki wanted to do. He wanted to be as far away from this cult as possible. When they returned, the cult had vanished. And no matter how hard he tried Gaki could not get away from Brogan to continue his quest for gold; though he still stole quite a bit on the side. Not that he minded spending time with Brogan; he had actually grown somewhat fond of him. Soon after through their travels looking for this cult they ended up picking up a snooty human named Alister, a fantastic artificer namedMuad’dib who started crafting his theives’ equipment in payment for stolen goods, and an ex-slave tiefling seeker named Luisa.


A lazy good for nothing rogue. Self centered to a fault he cares only about himself and what’s his.
He’ll do anything to get ahead and doesn’t like confrontation. He’d rather disappear and smooth talk his way out of fighting than face anything head on. Convinced he’s comfortable by himself, he keeps to his trinkets and gold. Scurrying back to his dark cave where he keeps the extra gear and or score he wants tucked away. What little isn’t spent on magic items, ale and women anyways. that is if he can get away from Brogan

The Gaki

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