Magical Battlehammer

weapon (melee)

Aegis-fang (derived from the mythical shield Aegis) was the weapon of Wulfgar son of Beornegar of the Elk tribe. It was forged for him by his adoptive father Bruenor Battlehammer after his servitude to the dwarf king. It was made from mithral (the head) and adamantite (the shaft), with a diamond coating magically adhered after the forging. Its head was engraved with magical inscriptions which were covered by the symbols of the dwarven god Dumathoin, “the keeper of secrets under the mountain” and the god of knowledge, as well as the the symbols of Moradin and Clangeddin Silverbeard.

It is a large and heavy warhammer, perfectly balanced for Wulfgar. Any person not over 6’5" and without considerable strength would have a hard time wielding it properly. It was attuned to its wielder and would magically return to their hand upon telepathic command.

Wulfgar had been trained extensively with this weapon.6 He had used it in two battles against dragons—Ingeloakastimizilian and Shimmergloom—both with triumphant results. He also used it in a battle beside Drizzt Do’Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer against the Balor Errtu, where the companions were also victorious.


Bruenor Battlehammer was a great smith, and his magnum opus was the powerful warhammer Aegis Fang. In the hands of a lesser mortal, the massive warhammer would have been unwieldy, but for the 7-foot-tall barbarian Wulfgar, the adamantine, diamond, and mithral masterpiece was a work of martial art. Bruenor crafted the hammer, and although not a wizard or other spellcaster, he channeled his dwarf heritage to enchant the hammer, bestowing it on his adopted son Wulfgar.

Wulfgar wielded Aegis Fang through numerous battles, defeating many a foe with brutal swings and devastating throws. It was more than just a weapon to the big man and his companions. It served as a symbol of their companionship and bond, and they fought to reclaim it when it was lost.

After Wulfgar passed away, the hammer returned to its maker, Bruenor. He carried it for many years while he and Drizzt searched for Gauntlgrym, but he couldn’t bring himself to do away with it. Once they had befriended and traveled for some years beside Brogan Lonehammer,. the dwarf king gifted the hammer to his cleric friend, hoping that he would wield it in defense of the realms. Brogan humbly accepted the great gift.


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