The Silver Chalice

Armies attack Betharbel

The Gaki’s sword that he got from the shadow is eeking dark, shadowy, miasma. Brogan Lonehammer Allen calls him on how it is oozing Morigar’s power. The dwarf reminded him that the Silver Chalice was being used by the cult to Resurrect him because it contained his power. This sword contains his power and we’re going to deliver it to his cult members in the Library….

Muad’dib was deep in his misery, but then he learned that a dwarf was working with Harken Gottlieb from Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm). Later Frederick Jager tells his brother Alister Jager that he got his powers from a dwarf named Scott Wilson MacEwan at Harken’s castle. He put an alchemical tattoo on his shoulder, which gave him his dark powers.

The group has a week to rest and relax, with access to certain parts of the city, the library, the temple, and the alchemy college. Muad’dib spends his time building his automated backpack of holding.

The Drow spend the time researching the Sigil and found that it is traditionally the symbol of Morigar himself. When he was king it was on his flag, and he wore the sigil everywhere. It was powerful, but not overly powerful. Over time the sigil has been lost to the modern world, mostly forgotten. It has been 816 years since he was sealed away.

Over the week, Brogan has tried taking the blade from Gaki while he was sleeping, but it would turn to smoke and he would be unable to touch it. Brogan then spent time catching up with family and friends and setting up policies and procedures and even though the counsel wants him to stay and lead the city as their prophet, in his heart he knows that he has to go in person to fight the Cult of Mortar…

On seventh day, Brogan is in the temple in prayer and meditation, when suddenly he gets the impression that everyone, and all of the armies need to get outside the city walls RIGHT NOW! outside the clouds are hanging very low. We know that the Holy Baltian Army is coming from the East, but we don’t know from where in the mountains. Despite the fact that it’s summer, it is very chilly and clammy outside. it’s almost like a wizard is casting some kind of spell.

We can hear a deep-seated whine and a strange whirring sound. Out of the clouds drops three airships. The larger one has a tesla coil which shoots a huge bolt of electricity which destroys nearby buildings. Ropes attached to harpoons stick into the ground and dragonborn slide down them into the city. Chief Scholar James Martin runs up during the ensuing chaos and tells the group that he has a device that might help. He leads them to a wooden contraption with bicycle pedals, wings, and 6 seats. Luckily Lei-hai can fly on her broom, while Daiyu Xifeng (Black Jade Flourishing Phoenix) turns into a murder of crows and flies on her own power as well. The scholar then tells them that he has a wee slingshot, but t’is never been tested yet. Brogan mentions that they might die anyway. Gaki gets airsick and vomits all over Brogan… As fireballs, ice shards, and lightning bolts are flashing by everyone, Muad-dib is very cognizant of the tesla coils because of his metal arms. As the tesla coil is pulling back up into the ship, the group aims for bay it’s in. They crash inside the ship’s bay. As they pick themselves up out of the debris, a bunch of vampire minions flood into the ship’s bay and close in to attack until Gaki hollars at them to stop. When he says that this is weird, they all turn their heads to the side like dogs, all at the same time. He tells them to kill his enemies, so they kill each other.

With a sinking feeling, the group looks down and realizes that they’re standing on the bay doors, as they’re starting to open. They get off the doors and begin to wonder how to destroy this ship and the other two. Suddenly Gaki feels sick, like something outside is attacking him and Brogan begins to feel sick and hear a hornet’s nest in his head. In his head Gaki keeps hearing “toeten sie” repeated over and over in his head. Muad’dib slings Gaki over his back and drags him along. As the group is running through the ship, they notice that Luisa heads the other direction, like he knows where they’re heading. Even Xifeng seems to sense something that she’s following. Under her breath she mutters something about an elemental. Outside the room, the group hears the voices of Grandmaster Ordulf Gils, Harken Gottlieb who no longer looks like he did before, the first two look like elves, with ashen skin and blazing sunken eyes with a wrong aura coming off of them), and Scott Wilson MacEwan. As the group approaches the room, their conversation breaks off and the group notices that Ordulf wears a cloak held together by the Sigil of Morigar. Harken disappears in a swarm of flies, and Ordulf in a group of bats, leaving Scott to deal with them. Scott asks Muad’dib if he’d like to know why his parents had to die?

Luisa has gone off on her own and found a room with a cage. In the cage is a storm elemental, which doesn’t seem as evil as usual, it just seems drained and beaten down. Luisa walks over and picks up a magic wand that was keeping the magic circle in place, which frees the elemental and it dissipates, nodding its thanks to her. Before she turns around, she feels hands wrapping around her throat and notices Gaufrid Nordberg behind her strangling her. He then drags her next to the window and begins beating her head against the window until it breaks. Luisa struggles and drags him out the window with her, with only a shred of cloth on the broken window to show her passing.

Scott strips off his shirt and he has a alchemical tattoo, which is more complete than Frederick ever was. He smears blood across the tattoo and transforms into a huge form that is bigger and more powerful than Friederick ever was. The battle music begins as dragonborn run into the room. He starts off by lighting himself on fire and then charging through the group. The group pounds on him until Brogan open up another can of critical Cascade of Light. Gaki then teleports Muad’dib up in the air to drop him down on his homicidal uncle. Together they smash attack Scott together. Scott was dying, until he latched onto Alistair, sucking blood and healing himself. Lei-hai’s magic drove Scott berserk and he charged through the group, taking opportunity attacks which ripped him up along the way. He tried to grab Xifeng, but she teleported out of his grasp and he fell on his face. She then turned around blasts him with ice. During the whole battle Gaki kept hearing voices in his head telling him to kill everyone around him. Brogan stayed near him to keep him in check. Suddenly, the group realizes that Brogan’s first critical attack had not only pierced scott, but it had pierced the dirigible as well and the ship was now free-falling. Gaki and Muad’dib beat the last of the life out of Scott, but knock him out the window. Muad’dib jumps out after him to make sure that he truly dies. Xifeng turns into crows, Lei-hai jumps on her broom and grabs Brogan, Gaki grabs Alistair and shadowsteps off the crashing ship.

As Muad’dib is falling, he’s further torturing Scott and demanding to know why he’d killed his parents. Scott laughs that he used their deaths to empower himself into the creature they’ve been fighting. The artificer snaps his neck and is saved by Xifeng’s dimension door. Betharbel is in tatters. Lauren Minett stumbles up to the group to tell them that the Pope has declared the Holy Baltian Kingdom’s attack was unholy, so now there is a civil war within the Baltian Kingdom. She also tells them that the Drow Oracle has been kidnapped to be taken to the Chalice to be used as a sacrifice which pisses off the twins. They find Luisa’s ripped clothing and her tracking/communication stone on the ground. They find pieces of Gaufrid Nordberg scattered all over the mountain, but no sign of Luisa. Brogan remembers that Luisa had spoken of her master working with Elementals, and Xifeng tells everyone that she had felt an Elemental on the ship…. Xifeng realizes that they’ve been around Luisa long enough and Muad’dib has worked on her magical items enough to recognize them, so they track her magic and feel her far to the East.

To Save Betharbel

Date: 03/27-3/37/816


After liberating the dwarves from the burning temple in Kadesh, they liberated more dwarves and the dwarven army rolled forth, fighting The Ardwolf army and chasing them from the city. Maisie Douglas MacNair once again admonished the group to hurry to Betharbel to save the rest of the dwarves and also to save Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm). As the group is grabbing their gear to head out, they are approached by Princess Leila and Shahin who let them know that they didn’t see the need to retrace their footsteps and further endanger themselves heading to Betharbel with them. Instead, the princess handed Brogan Lonehammer Allen a scrying mirror so that they could keep in touch. Daiyu Xifeng (Black Jade Flourishing Phoenix) was in a hurry, so she pushed the group to pick up their wagon, their mounts, and hurry on their way.

Lei-hai woke to find herself in a cage sitting in a dark room, somewhere deep beneath the earth. The room was lit with a strange, sickly-purplish light coming from two large crystals spinning in the back of the room and filling the room with a strange purplish haze. As she scanned the room, she was surprised to notice that two men were standing in the room as well. One she recognized as Frederick Jager, the other was introduced to her as Harken Gottlieb, the latter also emitted that sickly wrong feeling that was coming from the crystals, that she’d come to associate anyone with from the Cult of Morigar.

As Harken left her alone with Frederick, she demanded where she was and why she was here. Frederick admitted that she was bait for his brother’s group, but also insurance. Lei-hai demanded to know why he hated his brother so much? Frederick admitted that his brother had destroyed the family’s honor and so as the next in line, it was his place to restore it. Lei couldn’t imagine having to kill a sibling, even to restore honor, and she understood honor. She asked him why he couldn’t just talk with his brother, there was no need for bloodshed. Frederick seemed to accept this, but then shook his head, as if something was bothering him and told her that it had to be this way and stalked out of the room.

The group made good time through the desert, using Luisa’s nature skills to guide them. They were able to avoid most of the groups still fighting outside of the city, even those where the dwarves were chasing down Ardwolf survivors. It was a almost 10 days that they traveled, the sands of the desert, slowly turning to red rock formations, which let Brogan and Muad’dib know that they were getting closer to the city.

Along the way, Alister Jager was suddenly pelted by a rock upside the head. The group turned to see a young woman riding down on them, throwing rocks haphazardly and hollering for Alister. The young noble reined in his horse and shook his head, muttering his sister’s name, Sophia Jager. A young, beautiful woman rode up and started berating her brother for running out and leaving the family. She never took a breath and therefore never gave the Paladin any time to respond. When her tirade had run it’s course, Alister then did his best to explain why he’d joined the The Church of Jehovah. Sophie was confused, wondering why he’d want to join the church of people they were going to conquer and subjugate? At that time the people would be willing to join the The Church of Wulf and then none of this would matter! Brogan could no longer hold his tongue and he asked the chit how she’d feel if the Aachenvald League conquered her lands and not only forced them to join their church, but also made them their slaves, subject to their rules and their government? This shocked the young noble, who had clearly never considered this stance… So she decided that maybe she should travel with the group longer to learn more. That was when they learned that she’d run away from home.

As they approached the city, the group was relieved to find that the Ardwolf Armies weren’t yet there, so they’d made it in time. As they approached the gate, they met some resistance because dwarves were travelling with others. Brogan berated them for keeping a cleric out of his home town. He was finally able to convince them, but as they group was led through the gates, Brogan was shocked to find his master, Chief Priest Duncan Allen there waiting, but his shocked look was reflected back at him. As the younger cleric bowed to his elder, the Chief Duncan finally found his voice and announced that he’d been sent here by a vision from God to find the next Voice of God… which would be Brogan. Now everyone was shocked as the Chief Priest led the group to the Counsel Chambers, where the Counsel was in session. Along the way, the group noticed a thick green miasma filled the city, making it hard to see and hear. the only one it didn’t seem to affect was Brogan.

As they entered, Chief Duncan interrupted a rather heated debate to announce to the gathered Dwarves that not only had Brogan Goldspinner Allen, the child of prophecy, returned, but God had made it known that he was to be called as the next Prophet. The silence that descended upon the chamber was deafening. Brogan broke the silence to argue that a Prophet had not been called in a few hundred years, how could this be possible? Chief Scholar James Martin proclaimed that this was the part of the prophecy that had been written over 500 years ago. Brogan’s Æld had only given part of the prophecy, but he’d later found the full prophecy in the records. Brogan then spoke of the force that was attacking, unknown, and that they had to focus on that. Chief General Edgar MacNair argued that they knew of no force sneaking up on the city, but he’d send out scouts right away. Chief Artisan Gavin MacEwan then reminded them that they would be at a severe disadvantage if they had to fight anyone with the mists still clinging to the city! Brogan asked what mists and everyone looked at him like he was daft. Chief Duncan pointed out that this was further proof that Brogan had already been set aside as the Prophet since the curse didn’t affect him.

While the group was talking, Xifeng got bored and decided that she could waste no more time, so she snuck out to start looking for her sister, whom she could sense here in the city.

Brogan asked what the Counsel meant by a curse? Chief Farmer Kenneth Gillies explained that long before the city of Betharbel was built on this spot, the Cult of Morigar had had a secret lair there. The dwarves had driven out the cultists, but they’d been unable to destroy their lair. So the Prophet of old had sealed it with a holy seal, which only prophets could open. It seemed that the mists were coming from the sealed lair, deep beneath the city and there had been no way to get in to counter it. Luckily, they now had a prophet to deal with this very problem. Chief Duncan agreed to lead the group down into the underground, and that’s when they discovered that the Drow was missing.

Xifeng had followed the feeling to a sealed grating in the middle of the street. She could sense her sister deep within the earth, but could find no way down, so she used a dimension door to step down into a small room with a familiar white bowl on a pedestal. On the wall was another riddle:
Brightest light,
snowy white,
built to crush,
grind to dust

She couldn’t figure it out, so she sat down to study it.

Chief Duncan finally led them down to a door set with a holy sigil on it. Standing before the door, Brogan felt that he should remove his Æld’s earring and as he did, it grew into a full sized staff. Following the prompting, he tapped it on the door and the seal opened, opening the door in the process. As Chief Duncan returned upstairs, the group entered the small room, amazed to find their lost companion sitting in the middle of the floor meditating on the riddle. The riddle gave the group some difficulty, but finally Gaki figured it out, and after conferring that Muad’dib could give him a new gold one, he yanked out a tooth and threw it in the bowl. The wall in the back of the room, folded back upon itself to reveal a glowing portal. Everyone was afraid to be the first to enter, so the Artificer picked up Gaki and threw him through it. The rest then followed.

Gaki woke in the center of a dark village with a fountain in the center. As he looked around, a shadowy figure stayed just out of sight, whispering depressing things at him, like how he was a failure, who’d ever love someone like him, why try, why bother, why fight, failure… failure, failure!

Finally Gaki fought back, but his heart wasn’t in it, the whispered words were affecting him, until the shadow mentioned that Brogan only put up with him. Somewhere deep inside, Gaki knew better and was able to slash the specter and run. He dashed down alleys, only to end back in the central square, with the fountain and the shadow waiting for him, still whispering deprecations at him. Finally, the shadow offered him the power that he wanted, the power to be more. Reluctantly the young man gave in and took the gift that was offered. In a flash he ended up in a room with a glowing rune on the floor. As he stepped on it, he was whisked away.

Xifeng woke on a battlefield, standing over the body of her slain sister. Grief threatened to overwhelm her, but something didn’t seem right. Through the bond that she shared with her sister, Lei-hai didn’t feel dead. The bladesinger sought her center, her place of meditation, and focused on it and the life pulse of her sister deep in her core. In a flash she found herself in a room with a glowing rune on the floor, being guarded by a zombie-like dragonborn with a strange crystal floating behind it. She sent out her blade pretending to attack the creature, but swerved and attacked the crystal at the last moment. As the crystal shattered, its control over the dragonborn faded and she was able to step past it into the glowing rune.

Muad’dib woke kneeling on the floor with the ghosts of his parents berating him, demanding to know why he hadn’t yet avenged them. Their insistent badgering, mixed with his own deep-seeded guilt began to crush the dwarf. Finally he muttered that he didn’t know who’d killed them and the ghosts backed off. As they dissipated, they whispered that it was his uncle, Scott Wilson MacEwan. In a flash he found himself in a room with a glowing rune on the floor, being guarded by a zombie-like dragonborn with a strange crystal floating behind it. Killing the crystal allowed him to use the rune.

Luisa woke to find herself being beaten to death by her master, Berengar Nordberg, while being told to beat a fellow servant to death. Luisa didn’t care that she was dying. The teachings that Brogan and Alister had taught her led her to live a higher law, to be better than she was and to turn the other cheek. She refused to do his bidding and lay down to die, when there was a bright flash and she found herself in a room with a glowing rune on the floor, being guarded by a zombie-like dragonborn with a strange crystal floating behind it. Crushing the crystal she dashed into the rune.

Brogan woke on a battlefield surrounded by the dead bodies of his clansmen and his family. There was a crushing feeling that he’d failed them, that he’d failed the prophecy… but Brogan had already played this scenario out in his head more times than anyone could know, always afraid that he wouldn’t be worthy or ready when the time came. Instead he lost himself in prayer. With a flash, he found himself in a room with a glowing rune on the floor, being guarded by a zombie-like dragonborn with a strange crystal floating behind it. With a prayer still on his lips he sent his warhammer out knocked the dragonborn into the crystal destroying it. Still praying, he stepped into the rune.

Alister found himself in a T-shaped room with runes on the floor. On the far side of the room was a cage with Lei-hai in it, and along the wall behind her spun two evil looking crystals which were putting out the evil mists. In the center of the room he was confronted by his brother and a dark, evil looking man, Harken. Frederick instantly confronted his brother, claiming that it was finally time for their dual. He transformed into his evil self, while Harken chuckled that all of his plans had finally led up to this moment. Alister tried to back away from his brother, but he was given no choice as a sword descended towards his face. While the two of them squared off, one by one the others began to appear in different places around the room. Seeing them appear, Harken began summoning the crystal-controlled Dragonborn to fight them. The first thing Xifeng did was free her sister from the cage. While the others fought, Brogan appeared, still praying to his god, filling up with His holy power. Seeing the miasma swirling from Harken, he called on a Divine Bolt and let fly Aegis-Fang. While Harken was distracted, he missed the hammer flying at him from the back of the room, until it struck him with a critical hit, and the heavens opened above him, flooding him in holy light. With one hit, the mellifluous man was struck bloody before he knew what was happening. As he staggered, his crystal constructs faltered as well, as did his control over Frederick, and finally Alister’s love was able to reach his brother, who halted his attack.

Forgotten in the back of the room, Sophie cowered in a corner, frightened by all of the violence around her. Then she made the mistake of catching Harken’s eye, and he teleported to her side. He proclaimed that since the group had destroyed his fun, he would destroy theirs. He aimed a glowing attack at the young girl, but before it could strike, Frederick leaped in front of it, and was sheared in half. Snorting in disgust, Harken disappeared. His siblings ran to his side, crying over their lost brother who had just come back to them. Still enveloped in his God’s power, Brogan looked over at Gaki and told him that they’d be dealing with the new darkness within him soon, but then he walked over to the bloody mess that was Frederick, and laid his hands upon him, calling on the name of Jehova to resurrect this man. The prophet’s word was obeyed and Frederick was made whole again, even the darkness was rooted out of him. The three siblings fell into each others arms, now crying tears of joy, while Xifeng and Lei-hai also had a joyous reunion. Brogan then walked over and tapped each of the giant crystals with his staff and they shattered at the touch of his new power, dissipating the miasma that had been filling the city. This battle had been won, but the group wondered how long it would be before war was at the gates of the city?

Into Kadesh

Date: 03/27/816


Clasp of Noble Sacrifice Allister Dwarven Mines
Cord of divine Favor Brogan Dwarven Mines
Shielding Girdle Lei-Hai Dwarven Mines
Bracers of Infinite Blades Gaki Dwarven Mines
Dust of appearance Luisa Dwarven Mines
Fireflower Pendant Xifeng Dwarven Mines
Apron of Resistance Mua’dib Dwarven Mines

While travelling it is explained that Prince Sardar is actually Princess Leila capable in fire, sand, and radiant magic. It’s been about a week that they travel through the desert, avoiding patrols and pitfalls thanks to our guide. Shahin is mostly silent, except about the safety of Princess Leila. Daiyu Xifeng (Black Jade Flourishing Phoenix) has been waking up in the morning with bruising and pain about the neck and chest. She speaks about it to Daiyu Lei-Hai (Black Jade Thundrous Sea Storm), but they put it down to bugs in the night, since they’re in unfamiliar territory. The only way to Aragon is through the mountain pass that passes from Kadesh.

They reach the Dwarven city of Kadesh, but there is smoke coming from the city, as well as the The Ardwolf armies camped around the west and south side, mountains lie on the north and east side. Kadesh is surrounded by a tall wall, it’s a very militaristic city. The city was built atop gem mines, and started as mines and barracks, then grew into the city that it is. The mines below are extensive, so it’s the group’s hope that the army hasn’t found them all. Brogan Lonehammer Allen and Muad’dib have been here before, so they know a bit more than the rest about the area. They realize that the cart won’t fit through the mine, and they have the guard still in tow. Part of the group wants to kill the guard, but the other half don’t. While they’re arguing, Brogan uses his healing knowledge to hit him upside the head just right, giving him amnesia. When he comes to, The Gaki tries to reason with him, but it didn’t make sense that slaves were talking, so Lei-Hai uses her power of suggestion to convince the guard that his commanding officer had asked him to do something against his morals, but we’d come along to help him. He believes her.

Luisa uses her nature knowledge to hide the cart well. Alister Jager uses his knowledge of the Ardwulf military to help them avoid patrols. The group sends Princess Leila, Lei-hai and Luisa to the north to see if the known mine entrance is guarded. Gaki and Xifeng go south, sneaking between the guard camps to check out the better guarded mine entrance, but there is no easy way that way. The previous three found an unguarded mine, and as Luisa turns to have Lei-hai contact her sister through their sending stones, they find that Lei-hai has suddenly disappeared, even her tracks have disappeared. Luisa had the unhappiness of reporting that her sister has disappeared. Brogan and Allister pray to Jehovah and are told that she’s not in friendly hands… Xifeng reaches out to Chang-E, but she’s so distraught that she can’t reach her god. The group heads north to the mine entrance, but there are no signs of anything other than a residue of a teleportation circle being used to abscond with her. Mua’dib senses his charm that he’d made her and it’s coming from the east. At the same time, Xifeng has a feeling of peace from Chang-E that they need to head into the mines.

Brogan takes the lead, using signs to find refugees in the mines.
Gaki scouting ahead in the mines, then found an exit into the city, and began scouting there in the ruins of the buildings.
Xifeng cooks cabbage soup for the starving dwarves.
Luisa organizes group into worst to best injuries.
Brogan and Allister were laying on of hands.
Mua’dib is making alchemical potions to help people, and making prosthetics for those who have lost limbs that can’t be healed.

While helping the refugees they learn that the followers of Jehovah are especially persecuted, beaten, and driven as cattle. Grandmaster Ordulf Gils is the worst. While in the city, Gaki sees that most of the dwarven captives are being corralled in the temple of Jehovah, and with a sense of foreboding, he races back to the rest of the group. As thanks for their help, the dwarves pay the group in a few magical items that were hidden in the mines. Allister recognizes Grandmaster Gils and knows that he is an evil sadist.

With a plan, Allister leads Brogan and Mua’dib into the square in front of the temple of Jehovah disguised as more dwarven slaves, while Xifeng, Luisa, and Gaki stealthily circle around the square, finding high vantage points from which to snipe. As they approach, Brogan sees that the guards are beating a dwarf female, which turns out to be his sister, Maisie Douglas MacNair. Grandmaster Gils is a dragonborn who is demanding to know where the armies of Betharbel are hidden, but she won’t tell him. He then tells her that they’re going to put her covenant people into the temple and burn them, so her resistance means nothing. He admits that they are launching an assualt on Betharbel from the mountain passes in the east. He then tells the guards to put her in with the others and then leaves. Something about Ordulf feels off, almost like a sickening feeling, like the chalice. Gaki thinks that something feels familiar about him, but it also makes his head hurt.

Brogan is barely able to contain his anger, and he growls at Allister to get them closer, NOW! Brogan calls down divine fury and hits the Gaufrid Nordberg, who is leading his sister into the temple, while setting up a divine zone around them. He then yells at her in dwarven to attack hard. At the same time, he throws Mua’dib his weapons and the attack is on. During the attack, a guard drags Maise into the temple. As the battle progresses, Gaufrid sneaks off after being hit so hard by Brogan. During the battle, Brogan senses a dark force in Gaki’s head. As the attack continues, the group begins to smell smoke from inside the temple. While the girls throw down cover fire, Gaki sneaks down off the roof where he was, and runs up to the door of the temple and throws them open. Therein, Maise was stabbing the guard who had drug her inside, to death. Gaki mentals for Brogan to throw his Pouch of Holding to him, and he then pulls leftover weapons from inside and gives them to the dwarves who are running out of the temple. Luisa runs back to the mines to bring up the dwarves from below to help take back the city.

As soon as Maise can make her way over to her brother, they butt heads in warm embrace and then she tells him that the troops in Betharbel aren’t expecting the Ardwulve’s to attack from the east, that they need to warn the city. Brogan is torn because it’s been 100 years since he left that city on the heels of his Æld’s prophecy, that he would have to return to save the city from complete destruction. The rallied dwarves turn the tide of battle and the Ardwulv’s tactically retreat.

Praying to Jehovah, Brogan feels that going to Aragon can wait, saving the lives in Betharbel is a more pressing matter! Xifeng wants to head east after her sister, but a voice in her head tells her that if she wants to save her sister, she need towards Betharbel. She recognizes the voice in her head as that of Frederick Jager, Allister’s brother. She then states that if the Wulfite church is involved, then the Song Dynasty will join the war.

Once they finally get a chance to talk after the battle, Brogan finds time to speak with his sister alone to catch up with her and learn news about his family.

Brogan: “Sweet Maise, how have ye been, me darlin’? What have ye become these last 100 years?”
Maise: “Mostly jes’ working. I became head of the local garrison. My husband is a mining lead. This is mah son Aiden.”

Aiden: “Lo uncle Brogan”

Brogan: “Oh! Tis nice to meet ye Aiden, I dinna know t’was an uncle! I seen the family resemblance, but we always were a prolific family. How’s Ma and Da? Is he still the head of the merchant’s guild? What about our other siblings, how are they gettin’ on?”

Maise: “They’re doin’ well. Although da is retired. He’s handed it over to Thorfin. And he’s teachin’ his son McCullough how to run it now. Ma is mostly jes’ happy to see Da more often. Aileas has taken up jewel craftin’ and Darrak is head of the garrison back in Betharbel. They all live there. Only we live out here”

Brogan: “Aye, tis good ta know alla this afore I be going to Betharbel…. D’ya have any advice for meh afore I take my group out there? Have there been many changes ta the city?”

Maise: “The city was really nervous after the invasion of Kadesh. They may not be entirely acceptin’ of your Baltian frien’ there. The city hasn’t changed much other than getting bigger. Oh an’ the industry is stronger than i’ twas. but the roads are full of clashing forces of Baltian armies and Hebronite guerillas. Be careful Brogan”

Brogan: “I canna tell ye how good it ha’ been to finally see ye after all these years!” Wipes away a few tears. “I love ye so much! And now tis time to go an’ fulfill me prophecy!”

Maise headbutts his forehead. “You always were a crybaby.” Tears glisten in her eyes. “The family will be so happy to see you.”

War is Upon Us

Date: 03/19-27/816



Holy Baltian Kingdom has declared war against the Aachenvald League. High King Randolph has been pushing for peace, Pope Alexander II of Wulf pushes that those who harm others without reason are in the wrong. So, unless Aragon provoked a super power, then the Holy Baltian Kingdom has invaded without approbation which goes against all previous conflicts.

As the group is assessing the situation, a few of spiritual ones sense that The Gaki has a dark, outside influence in his head that keeps coming and going. Brogan can sense that he’s going to get a magical tattoo, which leaves him worrying… During this time, Alister Jager notices a dark figure in the shadows and calls to Brogan for help. The Dwarf reminds him that he’s the meat shield, and tells him to go talk to him. Alister enters the alley to talk with smaller person in a cloak. When she pulls back her hood, he is shocked to see that it’s Lauren Minett, the girl he had been in love with. She wants to speak with our group, but has to hold Alister’s hands while talking with him. She tells him she’s not really an apothecarist, but she’s part of a Secret Sect of Elohim who were set up centuries ago to hunt the Cult of Morigar. They were tracking a group of cultists in Beschtengart, but Brogan and Gaki had found them first. After the two of them had left the cultists, the sect had tried to sneak in, but they found the cult in disarray, wondering where their sacred silver chalice had gone? The Sect has been watching the two of them since then, shocked at how much they’d uncovered in such a short time… not realizing how old Brogan really is.

She offers them help, by warning them that to get into the Library of Morigar, they need not only a key, but they also need the Holy Sigil of Morigar which might be found in Aragon. She also says that there are operatives behind enemy lines, the alphas of The Ardwolf are hunting, but they’ve had no luck, other than hearing that cultists are searching for the Silver Chalice. She wishes them the best of luck and turns to leave, but Alistair tries to stop her. Brogan can see that she must go and tells the noble to keep it in his pants. This distracts him, and allows the blushing lady to disappear into the busy streets as Gaki rejoins the group.

While they’re talking, Daiyu Lei-Hai was wondering about the Library of Morigar, when suddenly her cat familiar leaps out of the pendant on her chest and begins running down the street. The group takes off following, not sure why. Gaki takes off on a side path to talk to his contacts to find out more about the war. Not only has Aragon been attacked, but it has already fallen. On top of that, the Ardwulves and the Church of Wulf itself has broken ties to attack Hebron. Kadesh has been captured and soldiers between Betharbel and Kadesh are holding off the Crusaders for now. Lei-Hai follows the cat to the Riviere Bleu and then steps into the water, careful not touch it with her staff. Brogan looks up and realizes that it’s moon rise. As she places her staff into the water, a moonbeam appears and shines on her staff. A beautiful goddess appears and the group can all feel holiness radiating off of her. Lei-Hai asks Chang-E to help them find the library of Morigar. The map floats from the priestess’ hand, to Chang-E, who touches it and then it floats back. The city of Dortmund in the Holy Baltian Kingdom is highlighted in moonlight.

Gaki caught up with the group after the goddess has left them, and pulls Brogan aside to tell him what he learned from his street contacts. As the Cleric turns to tell the others, he and the other spiritualists sense that dark presence has re-emerged, but only Brogan can sense it in his ward’s head. As Brogan steps closer, he hears a voice calling Gaki his Dark Master and asking him why he hasn’t killed them yet. Gaki says that he can’t kill his friends, to which the voice tells him that he can. When the rogue sees his mentor coming closer, he quickly closes the Key within the Bag of Holding, sealing it away in a dimensional space. This isn’t the first time that the spiritualists have noticed this, and Alistair, Lei-Hai, and Brogan gang up on him (Alistair is especially vehement about getting the key away from him). Brogan demands the bag and key, and Gaki, realizing that there is no way to fight them all, hands over the key, but not the bag to the Dwarf. As soon as it touches him, Brogan is immediately hit with a withering influence. He croaks out, asking if anyone else has a Bag of Holding and Xifeng holds out her Handy Haversack, in which he deposits the key and immediately starts feeling better. With that out of the way, the group decides that Aragon is the best place to start on the morrow.

That night Gaki is running from something in his dreams. Brogan wakes to see a dark shadow sitting on Gaki’s chest. The Nightmare (Vampire) turns to look at the cleric and then disappears before Brogan can react. The next morning Brogan and Muad’dib work together to make a silver amulet of protection for Gaki. Gaki has angered the innkeeper for not returning for the duck he ordered the day before and is kicked out. He disguises himself and returns, but Alistair tries to unmask him, but fails, so Gaki turns it back around on him, so Alistair tries to start a duel with him. Luisa has to step in and disarm the situation. Over breakfast, the group again agrees that Aragon is the place to start, so they pick up supplies and then head out to load up their mounts. The Artificer wishes to work on potions and gadgets as they travel, so he asks if anyone has access to a wagon. A few minutes later, Gaki rolls up in a cabbage wagon (with cabbages and salt pork in the back) for their trip.

They ride for several hours across the plains. There are riders riding towards them wearing Baltian coverings. Alistair notices that the rider coming towards him rides like his kin, the rest are clearly Dragonborn. The lead rider is his brother Frederick Jager and he has come to restore their family honor. Alistair chose to follow his heart, not his duty like a good Baltian. Frederick jumps off his horse and a very dark wind comes from nowhere, and a spout of flame explodes from beneath him. The arcanists among them realize that Frederick has sold his soul to gain his power from an elemental source.

As battle breaks out, the group is split up, fighting their attackers. It isn’t until several other people attack him, that Frederick accuses Alistair of no longer having any honor and letting his friends fight for him. This is why he’s so ashamed of him, for this and also for joining the Church of Jehovah, he is such a disgrace. Their group is beaten down, but they leave to fight another day. Alistair is rejected by his family again and while angsting over it, turns to Brogan for support. The dwarf admits that he hasn’t been allowed to see his family for over 100 years, so this human can surely get over it. The group mounts up, and leaves the paladin to follow… or not.

As their journey takes them further along, the plains turns into desert, and they’ll have to head through Kadesh to get to Aragon. The group pulls out cloaks to cover their armor from the sun. There are patrols in the desert which seem to be wearing Baltian Colors, with army coverings. Gaki uses his ultimate stealth to keep the group from getting caught on several occassions. The patrols don’t seem to be on high alert, but they’re looking for someone or something specific.

Finally, the heat grows to be too much, so Luisa scouts out a cave big enough for the cart and mounts with water. Outside of cave patrols pass by and the group overhears: “Did you hear about hero of Aragon” She kicked trash of all Hebronites. Wait until we get to Sedarg to see what she’ll do there." Alistair goes out to talk to soldiers with Luisa as his slave. Hero dug her way under castle and chopped off head of king of Aragon. The Prince Freya of Hauk escaped, but will soon be found. Soldier wants to have a tassel from Alistairs cloak.

When patrol moves on, Drow hear a voice from the back of the cave asking if the Baltians are gone? Xifeng turns and sees two people in desert garb, which covers rather Byzantene clothes (from Aragon). The first introduces himself as Shahin the bodyguard of Prince Sardar, the quieter of the two. Brogan asks how they got this far without being caught. Shahin does all the talking and explains that their people know how to navigate the rolling sand dunes to avoid patrols. The Dwarf asks how they can sneak into Aragon undetected and the bodyguard suggests they use the metal mines. The Prince agrees to draw a map, but as he’s bent over the parchment, his facial covering falls away to show a woman’s face. As it turns out, everyone knows that the queen of Aragon died giving birth to the prince, but did she really. To keep the peace, the princess would have to hide her identity. The group agrees to keep her secret and sits back to await nightfall.

Later, another patrol passes by discussing: “What’s this Chalice the Grand Master keeps searching for? Don’t know, we need to keep eyes open for it.” Half of group hides two of the patrol enter to search the cave, while the rest are caught and threatened by the soldiers. While Brogan distracts one, Gaki does a coup de gras. As the other still threatens, Luisa uses magic from the shadows and incapacitates him. They then threaten him. Muad’dib tears off his finger, Alistair heals it back. The others were surprised at how the heat had driven Gaki, Alistair, and Muad’dib a little crazy. The last soldier finally breaks to tell them that the Pope wants to find the Chalice. Muad’dib suggests that this soldier should be able to get them past the other patrols. They decide to hide those who won’t pass as Baltian soldiers in the cart, while the others wear Baltian disguises. As the group is leaving, Shahin and the Princess state that they wish to travel with them, since they can’t just stand by and let their kingdom be destroyed.

In the Beginning...

Date: 03/19/816


Healer’s Sash Brogan Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Unfettered Thieves’ Tools Gaki Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Giant Gloves Muad’Dib Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Scabbard of Sacred Might Alistair Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Shadowdancer’s Boots Luisa Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Sending Stones Lei-Hai & Xifeng Torture Chamber Treasure Chest
Feystep Lacings Xifeng Torture Chamber Treasure Chest

Daiyu Xifeng and Daiyu Lei-Hai have travelled far from Hangzhou to the city of Sedarg in the Aachenvald League. Upon entering the city, they find a nice looking inn called Le Jardin Tranquil. They see a dwarf with metal arms (Muad’dib) and a silver haired Half-Elf (Alister Jager) asking the Inn keeper where to find Devil’s Alley. He dodged the question, and spoke of the huge convention going on downtown. The Drow ask to be taken to their rooms and save the inn keeper from answering uncomfortable questions.

Brogan, Luisa, and The Gaki find themselves in the Market and the Gaki is stealing a giant gemstone ring… while Brogan is trying to find info on Devil’s Alley, but he is being too direct, so Gaki is able to find out that Devil’s Alley is near the Forgotten Temple. Gaki gets directions, but doesn’t pay attention, so Luisa relays the info and the group heads back to the inn to find the rest of their troupe. Over a table full of food and ale, they discuss their next moves.

Up in their rooms, Lei-Hai prays to her goddess, Chang-E, who tells her they should head back downstairs… Brogan recognizes the Drow for what they are and invites them to join them at the table. He and Alistair almost feel a spiritual connection to them. They group learns that the sisters are looking for the Dark Alley as well, but while Alistair is talking too loudly and attracting the attention of the Innkeep, the sisters decide that it is best to sneak away. So the group decides to go to the Alley together.

The Dark Alley has no light entering, and walls are falling down, and at the end of the Alley is a collapsed doorway with a strange darkness behind it, something unholy. As the larger group approaches the Alley, they see the sisters looking around. Luisa notices that there is a small opening at the very bottom of the darkness, but it is only about 2.5 feet tall, but she finds that touching the darkness brings on a supreme nauseousness. The group gets down on their bellies and crawls under the darkness. The religious ones feel a sinister-ness, the rest feel very uncomfortable. The hole opens into a hallway that is dusty and dark. Xifeng defers to Gaki to take point and keep them alive.

The passage curves around, and the next room smells like death. In the center of the room is a table covered in straps and dried blood. In the back corners are two crucifixes, scarred and stained with blood as well. There is a pile of bones, a chest, and a small bowl with a drain in the center sitting on the floor. Gaki sneaks straight to the chest and pulls out magical items which he shares with the group. While closer to the bowl, he sees words etched in the wall above it: “Your crimson wine, if I may, it’s metallic taste will show the way.” Luisa and Brogan discuss that cutting ones self and dripping blood in the bowl would make sense, but while they’re talking, Gaki impulsively cuts his hand and the wall opens about 2 feet. Part of the group starts down the tight passageway, but Brogan stays behind to cast a ritual of Speak with Dead. He learns that this complex was set up for torture by the Cult of Morigar more than 500 years ago. Upon confirming this, he and Luisa join the others on the other side of the tight passage, in front of a rickety bridge over a deep chasm. Muad’dib casts a Make Whole ritual and reinforces the bridge for us through a long yodeling process. The bridge is then solid, but sways, and the chasm seems bottomless. Gaki crosses first, and is slowly followed by the rest. On the other side he finds another bowl with a drain.

On the other side is a room covered in a rat-eaten red carpet. In the middle of the room is a dais with a pillow on top, and an unholy key in the center. The group suspects that this is the Key to the Library of the Cult of Morigar that they’re looking for. There are holes in either side of the wall, and there is a strange whispering in the wings. The religious ones sense that they shouldn’t touch the key. Suddenly, Brogan senses that Gaki is inexplicably drawn to the key, almost like it’s calling to him. Before he can take a step Brogan grabs the Shade and holds him tight. Just as Gaki goes to shadow-walk, Brogan draws his Aegis-Fang and knocks his ward unconscious as he reappears. As the boy slumps unconscious, Muad’dib sends forth his Obedient Servant to grab the key. Just as he does it, a swarm of Vampires burbles out of the darkness above to surround the group. The Drow surprise the group with their dexterity, especially Xifeng. The group rises to the occasion and turns the attack back around the vampire minions. Lei-Hai uses healing to wake Gaki back up as the group thinks that they have beaten the vampires… just before more swarm into the room. No matter how many of the vamps are killed, more keep coming. As the group retreats back towards the bridge, Luisa notices more writing on the wall: “You offered once, but that won’t suffice, I’ll need more, I’ll need thrice.” Since the ladies have retreated first, they try their best to set it up for the rest of the group to flee. Brogan sets up a zone of Divine Fury to cover the groups retreat, damaging vampires, and healing his allies. Alistair tries to fight, but loses his holy sword in the process in the midst of the swarm.

Amidst the chaos, Gaki sneaks up and takes the key from Muad’dib’s robot, and suddenly all of the vampires turn and reverence the Shade. He gets them to throw him Alistair’s sword, and then turns and shadow-walks back to the bridge. As he does, he finds that he feels energized, while Muad’dib had lost energy. The group expeditiously retreat, except for Alistair, who is surrounded. With some fancy footwork, Alistair dodges through the crowd and races back to join the group. Luisa shoots off cover fire, while dripping blood in the bowl. Lei-Hai adds her blood to the bowl and a 2nd slash mark appears on the wall. Then Gaki adds the third part of blood and the wall opens up.

As the group retreats, Brogan’s zone keeps killing the vamps as they throw themselves through it. Unfortunately, vampires are also beginning to climb up out of the pit around the bridge. Brogan moves his Divine Zone with him back across the bridge, killing vamps and healing companions as he goes. As the group leaves the ruins, the vampires won’t follow them out.

As they leave Devil’s Alley, they find that the younger men are full of pomp and vigor, the young women are sobbing out of control, the adults are all really worried. Listening, they hear spoken: The Holy Baltian Kingdom will be attacking Aragon, and there is a draft in place. So war is on it’s way.


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