Architecture type: Byzantine


Lots of scale armor and pointed helms. Chainmail mouth coverings rather than closed helms and kite shields.

The Kingdom of Aragon is a petty kingdom ruled by the King Azar. The country contains a great deal of ore particularly that used for war. Iron and copper being the largest amounts which they use to create steel and bronze which they export for produce and manufactured goods. Despite making The Church of Wulf the state religion they have only placed a few laws that allow the Church any privileges within the country, one of which is the ability to garrison Ardwolves within their towns. They are a feudal society however serfdom does not exist in Aragon, rather the peasantry are land owners and farmers. They pay tribute to their lords who protect them on a local level and who pay the King who in turn protects them on a national level and provides public works. Mostly desert landscape. People are generally of a darker complexion due to the hot sun.


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