Capital City Population Size 24,000

Betharbel is one of the largest cities in the Aachenvald League, and is made up of people of all kinds of occupations, mostly dwarves, Muls and occasionally humans. The Clan Chiefs also are seated here, where they go over the problems brought to them by their regional representatives. They include: Chief Farmer Kenneth Gillies, Chief Priest Duncan Allen, Chief Labourer Donald Lees, Chief General Edgar MacNair, Chief Scholar James Martin, Chief Artisan Gavin MacEwan. It is also home to the College of Alchemical Sciences.

The College of Alchemical Sciences

The College of Alchemical Sciences is a school made for the study, advancement and experimentation of alchemy, tinkering and science. Here magic and science is blended to create machines and inventions to better the lives of the people of the world.



The Silver Chalice Dracon