Festival Days


Month Name Common Name
1 Earrach Springthaw
2 Aibrean Cultivation
3 Samhradh High Sun
4 Fomhar Harvest
5 Samhain Frost
6 Nollaig Coldwind

6/30 – Midwinter

  • Midwinter is a feast where, traditionally, the local lords of the land plan for the year ahead, make and renew alliances, and send gifts of goodwill. To the commonfolk throughout the Realms, this is the Winter Solstice, the midpoint of the worst of the cold.

1/48 – Spring Equinox

2/31 – Cultivation Festival

  • The Cultivation Festival is the official beginning of the cultivation season. Met with joy and work.

3/20 – Summer Solstice

3/61-4/11 – Midsummer Festival

  • Midsummer is a time of relaxation when all the plants have been sown and trade is high due to the warmness of weather

4/52 – Autumn Equinox

4/61 – Harvest Festival

  • Harvest Festival closes the last day of harvest and begins the preparation for winter.

Festival Days

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