Architecture Style: Palladian


Full plate with sweeping curved edges. Very functional and utilitarian rather than gaudy. Tower shields and Square shields

Dwarvish society is ruled over by the six Clans, Gillies, Allens, Lees, MacNairs, Martins, and MacEwans. The Clan Chiefs meet at Betharbel to decide ideals and lay down laws after listening to the regional chiefs explain the more local issues and wishes of the dwarvish people. The dwarvish people are strong and stout-hearted if not downright stubborn. They primarily export magic armors and items made from the precious ores and gems within their boundaries. Hebron is also the central hub to artificing and scientific study leading to many inventions that are a little rarer in most countries. for this reason while most countries are within the age of the early renaissance, Hebron is on the verge of the Enlightenment Industrial Era, they have yet to create Steam power, but use gunpowder (invented in the Song Dynasty) to use small flintlock pistols. Hebron is consistently at odds with the Holy Baltian Kingdom and occasionally with the Aachenvald League because it refuses to recognize the The Church of Wulf as a state religion, despite the fact that the Aachenvald League has declared The Church of Wulf as their patron religion. Hebron instead recognizes The Church of God as it’s sovereign religion stating that it is a Theocracy ruled by the God himself. Members of the country maintain a high level of autonomy. The Current Clan Chiefs are: Chief Farmer Kenneth Gillies, Chief Priest Duncan Allen, Chief Labourer Donald Lees, Chief General Edgar MacNair, Chief Scholar James Martin, and Chief Artisan Gavin MacEwan.

The land is mostly hills with rocky badlands and mountains although there are areas hospitable for farms. To the south the largest forest in Eldim remains used mostly for lumber and hunting.


The Silver Chalice Dracon