Holy Baltian Kingdom

Architectural Design style: Gothic


Lots of gilding and fluting on armor, almost seems ceremonial. Curved Helms and full plate. Usually use Heater shields.

Primarily Militaristic this nation is divided into 10 Fiefdoms ruled by princes who are appointed by the High King who is ordained by the Pope of the The Church of Wulf, who is Pope Alexander II. The current High King is Randolph. The appointments are usually ceremonial as the title is hereditary however the High King retains the right to strike down or appoint any one noble to the title of Prince of a fief. However the Pope may if he so feels revoke or change these appointments. Politics between the Holy Baltian Kingdom and the Church of Wulf are closely intertwined. Kings have been excommunicated before and Popes assassinated. Depending upon the strength and temperament of the King and Pope, one may be stronger than the other or both may be equal. At other times they ignore each other. Dragonborn and Longtooth Shifters are the most numerous populations within the Holy Baltian Kingdom however its size allows for many other people to live there. The country practices serfdom and maintains a strict society of heirarchy. The serf population made up of Tieflings are considered slaves and often have fewer rights than cattle, who are more expensive to buy, and are used as foot soldiers as well as forced labor. The most important rule is obedience to superiors, and responsibility to subordinates.

Holy Baltian Kingdom

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