Local Legends

Tales shared around campfires in hushed tones when children are asleep


In the country of Aragon there was said to be a man by the name of Keres. Dark and twisted he seemed. He would approach lonely or depressed people, while they were by themselves and befriend them. But within a week they would disappear. Finally this happened to the sister of a noble. The noble had Keres watched carefully by a soldier, watched as he made friends with a forlorn peasant girl and led her out of town. There he led her to a small clearing, the floor littered with bones, human bones. He pulled out a knife to kill her and the soldier watching him struck out to defend her. Keres was too quick and pierced his belly. In his dying pains, the soldier prayed to Elohim for help, and Elohim turned Keres into a Nightjar. The corpsefowl screeched angrily and flew away. It is said whenever one cries, it is Keres heralding the deaths of many.

Principality of Sedarg/Eckerin Republic

Legends in the lands of Sedarg and the Eckerin Republic tell of a fiend named Morigar. Morigar was a tyrant who oppressed his people for decades. He ruled with an iron fist, taxing the people to the brink of starvation. Finally, the people convinced the nobles and the leaders to rise up against him, and they banded together 10,000 men to destroy him. At last their seemed to be peace. But merely one month had passed when he rose up again like a fury of vengeance raining destruction down upon his people. This time he brought with him an unholy army of the dead, utterly obedient to him and his will. He subjugated the people for centuries. Every hundred years or so, the people found the will to kill him but he would rise again. He killed and pillaged and let his armies run wanton through the land, and would take people and drink their blood, just to see the fear in their eyes. Finally 816 years ago, he was sealed by the Holy relics. He has been quiet since.


Stories tell of a man named Dearg Due. The man wandered the mines of Hebron. Deep in the darkness when dwarves become lost and lose all sources of light he is said to appear and offer a way back. He offers until slowly they lose the will to resist and beg for his help to find the way back. He leads them deeper into the tunnels until they are so exhausted they can’t fight back, then he grabs their throat and strangles them.

Holy Baltian Kingdom

Local ritual is to bury the dead after beheading them and cremating the head. Superstition says that if they aren’t buried this way the dead will be reborn and curse their families with misfortune. Some say the spirits of the dead do this by actively tormenting the families, others say it’s more of a hex.

Song Dynasty (specifically the Guilen Stronghold)

Traditionally in the Song Dynasty, elves must be buried in their hometown, with their ancestors so they can be with each other in the afterlife. Myth tells of Jiangshi, a deceased man who was animated by a priest to help him get home. But once the man was awake, he refused to go home and fled. The priest tried to track him, but to no avail, he was never able to find him. When he returned home he found a note on his desk saying, “Thanks for the help, I’m never sleeping now.”

Song Dynasty

Reanimation is forbidden among elves. This is due strongly to the belief that reanimation takes the person away from their ancestors. Their grief and bitterness over this will drive them mad and they lose their soul. Once their soul is lost, they are no longer able to hold their image and can become anything they so choose.


Dragons are considered taboo as a topic in Eldim. “They don’t exist, they never have, never will”. Despite this saying it doesn’t keep nervousness out of anyone’s voices, or stop them rubbing two pieces of gold together (any coinage or gems will do but gold is said to be the most effective)

Local Legends

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