Capital City Population Size 25,000

Sedarg is the heart of the Aachenvald, filled with culture and entertainment. Nicknamed the city of Lights, it is the Capital of the Sedarg Principality, as well as the seat of the Aachenvald League Council. The Palace of Storms, home to Grand Prince Raoul and his wife Gisela dwell here with the heir Leon.

The Aachenvald Council:

The Aachenvald League Alliance is held together by the Aachenvald League Conventions, that meet biannually (once at Earrach before the Cultivation and once again at Fomhar before the frost sets in) in the city of Sedarg. It consists of all the rulers of the Aachenvald League. Here they discuss how to encourage good relations between each of their countries and address problems and disputes. It has not unsuccessfully addressed the problems before it for many decades. This is in large part due to each countries willingness to cooperate and longstanding good relations that extend back for centuries.



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