The Church of Wulf


Lawful Neutral

The Church of Wolf is the most powerful and influential religion within Eldim. It claims to follow the god Wulf whose tenets include:

  • Punish insubordination and disorder.
  • Forgive no slight and leave no wrong unpunished.
  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor
    and justice.
  • Be brave and scorn cowardice in any form

The church follows a military heirarchy. Trained by clergy who may be more apt to be called drill sergeants than men of the cloth, they are given harsh discipline, sometimes in the form of guidance and others in punishment. So long as they are trained for battle and understand the regimental, almost draconian system of order, it matters not to Wulf. They are taught total Loyalty to the church before family and state. Wulf requires strict adherence o the rules. Justice is swift and it is merciless. Those who do unfairly must be punished, and if the victim can be avenged or avenge themselves, all the better. The church is based in the Holy Baltian Kingdom and it’s clergy operate autonomously above the law. They have their own garrrisons, known as Ardwolves. They travel in groups of four at the smallest, three holy warriors and a commanding inquisitor called an Alpha.

Church Breakdown:
Pope→Grand Cardinal→Cardinals→ArchBishop→Bishop→Priests→Deacons
Cardinals→Grandmaster Alpha→Alphas→Ardwolf Holy Paladin/Avenger

Unordained clergy are considered Friars

The Church of Wulf

The Silver Chalice Dracon