Alister Jager


Alister Princeling to Orn region of the Holy Baltian Kingdom

Dad-Prince Arthur religious strict loving but devoted to social etiquette. Hard nosed

Mom- loving, religious, understanding, more grief stricken than angry.

 Frederick- angry for betrayal seeking to bring honor back to their family by killing alister. Felt like he lived in alister’s shadow

Sophia- Spunky, bright and sweet. A nice person but not at all a pushover.

Converted around the age of 16-18. Conversion is brought into open around a year before current age.  While young often taught others the church of God when out protecting the people

Lauren- apothecary in a small town. Met her during a mission. Keep going out to see her in his missions. Discovers she’s actually a member of the church of elohim.  On the last trip he discovers she has been imprisoned by Harken the local lord.  He tries to convince harken to let her go. He refuses so alister brings his knights to challenge harken.

Alister’s father comes down from the castle and  reprimands them for their conduct and advises them to duel to first blood to Avoid deaths. Alister loses, but alister’s father reminds harken to not abuse his power and to release Lauren.

Alister’s father escorts Alister back to the castle in silence. Dad asks what happened. Alister explains situation. Dad asks why he poked his nose in. Proclaims his love. Dad forbids marriage on account of Wulfic can’t marry jehovahites or elohimites. Alister proclaims his conversion to church. Dad quietly, brokenly, banishes alister.

Returns to Lauren’s town,  finds she was stoned and chased out of town. West. Wandering trying to find Lauren. He reaches a small town where he passes out and the town nurses him to health. Revenants attack the town and alister chased them to a lair where he destroys them and their vampire leader. He wanders some more and ends up in Hebron and encounters brogan and they catch up.

Alister Jager

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