Berengar Nordberg

The Most recent master of Luisa, a cruel man with high ambitions


A polar opposite to Luisa’s first master, Barengar is cruel, self-centered, and all in all ruthless. Upon inheriting Luisa by rite of challenge, he tasked her with every menial chore he could think of. She was to keep up or he would beat her, and starve her. She was made to sleep on a patch of ground outside, an indignity that none of his other slaves shared with her. Illness was not an objection, if anything it landed more chores on her head. His wife died giving birth to his first son, Gaufrid, and he has raised him to be calculating and cunning. He has been manipulating the politics of the clergy for years hoping to raise his son to Archbishop.


Berengar Nordberg

The Silver Chalice Dracon